“High School Boys and the Female Companion” is the 5th chapter of the manga.

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A still of Motoharu.

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Hidenori enters Class 2-A, where Yoshitake greets him and points out Tadakuni’s absence. Surprised, Hidenori looks out the window to see if he can spot him, when he suddenly starts and falls over backwards in shock.

Ch5 1

Hidenori falls over

Yoshitake, concerned, asks him what’s wrong, but he only points to the window and mumbles something about Tadakuni. When Yoshitake looks outside, he too is shocked by what he sees – Tadakuni walking towards the school gate along with a girl. His shouts of surprise bring several classmates to the window. They express similar reactions, going as far as to wonder if Tadakuni really was human. A loud interjection then silences the boys, who turn around to find ‘the delinquent’ Motoharu.

Motoharu tells the others to observe the walkers well. He cites their uneven pace and askew lines of sight to assess that it hasn’t been long since they met and that they can’t be going out. The boys marvel at his powers of observation, and Motoharu orders them into action, saying they all know what needs to be done.

Ch5 2

Tadakuni is surrounded

Tadakuni, nearing the gate, spies Motoharu leaning on the wall. Motoharu asks him if he knows why it’s cold out, saying that it was because his Spring was about to end, confusing Tadakuni a great deal. Tadakuni then realises he’s surrounded by the other boys, all directing dark looks his way. Motoharu says he has nowhere to run and asks him to disclose the identity of the girl he’s with, just as the girl begins to thank Tadakuni. Tadakuni says it’s no trouble and tells the girl the station is just ahead. The girl walks away.

The boys instantly feel sheepish, realising that the girl was only asking Tadakuni for directions and that they didn’t even know each other. Motoharu, trying to maintain face, suggests that they still don’t know whether they’re a couple or not, but the others dismiss his statements as being ridiculous.


In order of appearance:


  • The boys are revealed to be second-year high school students.
  • Motoharu is introduced.
  • Among the boys of Class 2-A who crowd at the window, the two who are third and fourth from the right end go on to become minor characters with speaking roles (Megane and Chapatsu).
  • Among the boys who gather at the gate, one's design resembles that of the yet-unseen Student Council President.
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