“High School Boys and the One-Trick Talent Show” is the 39th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 38. Tadakuni’s younger sister fells Hidenori with a blow to the stomach.

Detailed SummaryEdit

The main trio are at Tadakuni’s house and holding an impromptu talent show. Yoshitake stands in front of the others and tells them he will perform a trick. He holds up a freshwater crab and opens his mouth slightly. Nervously, he brings the crab close to his face and yells in pain when it pinches his lower lip. The others are just confused and tell him they don’t understand his trick.

Hidenori gestures for Tadakuni to perform next. He stands up with a milk carton and tells them he is going to make the milk come out of his eye. He then holds one eye open while raising the carton above his head and tilting it. The others are unable to understand how this will help the milk come out of his eye. They are quite annoyed when he pours the milk on to his eye, shutting his eye so that some of it splashes out.

Hidenori then stands up and tells the others to pay attention. He tenses up, crouches a bit and groans as if taking a great deal of effort. After a few seconds of sustained groaning, the zipper to his pants automatically comes down. Tadakuni and Yoshitake are stunned.


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