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“High School Boys and Indoor Adventures 2” is the 38th chapter of the manga.

Cover Page[]

End scene of Chapter 37. Yoshitake, as the Captain, sits with a serious expression.

Detailed Summary[]

A short recap of the previous adventure shows that Tadakuni and his group (all names listed) are now face to face with an unknown person. This individual (Hidenori) stares them down menacingly before desperately requesting the heroes to help save her child who was abducted by the demon king, leaving Tadakuni shocked. The Captain says they can’t ignore someone in need and tells Tadakuni they should get going. Having already forgotten who she is, Tadakuni asks for her identity and she says she’s the Captain.

Hidenori then informs the crew that the child is being held captive on the east island and that they don't have a boat. Tadakuni asks him who he is and he answers ‘Jack’. Agitated, Tadakuni points out that there was nobody named Jack in the group and asks him to sort his characters out. Jack sorts it out by punching him in the gut.

Jack has had enough of Tadakuni

Tadakuni complains at being hit, but the Captain moves on and announces they’ve reached the harbor, with Tadakuni protesting that they’re moving ahead on their own. An official (Hidenori) tells her that they require a permit from the west village to go seafaring. The group heads there, where another official (Hidenori again) tells them he has a deal – he’d give them the permit if they defeated the dragon in the northern mountains.

On this detour, Tadakuni sighs that the route to rescue the child was far too roundabout. Markovich and another group member (presumably Hopper) tell him that that’s what makes RPGs fun, but Tadakuni is as usual unable to figure out who they are. The Captain and the bath house manager then say they’ve reached the dangerous-looking northern mountains, but Tadakuni has no idea what’s happening.

The 'final battle'

Tadakuni's younger sister enters the house. Reacting to the sound of the door, Hidenori and Yoshitake turn around and yell in unison that the demon lord is near. They tell Tadakuni it’s the last battle. When Tadakuni asks about the kid, they say that someone else already completed the rescue, and that it was time to go all out. Hidenori and Yoshitake burst through the door and jump at the sister, telling her to prepare herself.

She silently grabs them by a hand each and easily forces the two down to the floor. Struggling, they remark that she’s too strong and beg Tadakuni to save them. After some consideration, he asks them if he should save the game, and they agree.


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  • Hidenori mistakenly adds Jack to the character roster in this chapter. However, the recap at the beginning also includes Jack, despite him not being present in the previous chapter.