“High School Boys and the Sure-Kill Shot” is the 36th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 35. The Student Council members (barring the President) stare nervously at the thousands of yen they’ve collected from helping people out.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Mitsuo is taking a football shot with Hidenori in goal. He thanks Hidenori for helping him practise his technique, but Hidenori brushes it aside, saying he may not be of much help. Mitsuo faces away from the goal and assures him he is being helpful. Suddenly, the ball shoots forward at Hidenori.

Hidenori is shocked and Mitsuo is gleeful at the success of his ‘Standstill Shot’. To Mitsuo’s disappointment, he dives and manages to prevent the goal. He remarks it wasn’t very powerful, and Mitsuo worries he might have underestimated him. Gearing up for his secret technique, he unleashes a powerful kick which shocks Hidenori again by changing direction sharply from the ground.

This turns out to be the result of an acrylic stake Mitsuo pounded into the ground earlier, which he nimbly retrieves afterward. Hidenori takes a flying leap and deflects the ball back to Mitsuo, leaving him speechless. Hidenori asks him the secret behind the kick, but Mitsuo tucks the ball under an arm and charges at the goal. He runs past Hidenori, who latches on to him to try and stop him.

Hidenori begs Mitsuo to calm down, but he wails in frustration. His momentum carries the two of them into the back of the net. The caption reveals that this frustration was sufficient to land him a position among the starters, albeit in the rugby team.


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  • Mitsuo’s name is revealed only near the end of the chapter, when Hidenori yells at him to calm down.