“High School Boys and Motoharu’s Troubles” is the 35th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 34. Ringo, looking aggrieved, clutches a carton labelled ‘Milk’.

Detailed SummaryEdit

A girl from Sanada West High bursts into North High’s Student Council room, asking for a favour. This annoys Motoharu and Karasawa, but they agree to help her out anyway. Motoharu asks her for details, while Karasawa pours out some tea, wondering how many cases it has been. The girl tells them her dog is missing.

A frustrated Motoharu then snaps at Karasawa, blaming him for helping others too much and spreading their name for the wrong reasons. He tells him they should learn to say ‘No’ to people asking for help, but Karasawa responds with ‘No’, irritating him. The Vice President then enters the room with a dog he found outside, which turns out to be the girl’s. Motoharu collapses, noting that the VP was just as hopeless as they were.

Motoharu continues, telling the others that accepting people’s requests wasn’t Student Council work and that they should cut it out. Karasawa responds with another ‘No’, and Motoharu loses his cool at him and the girl, who for some reason is laughing loudly at her dog. Karasawa then tells Motoharu he has an idea.

He turns to the girl and asks for 1500 yen for their services. The girl is shocked, but Motoharu approves of the idea.


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