“High School Boys and Ringo-chan’s Troubles” is the 34th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 33. Tadakuni’s younger sister is shown smiling.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Ringo strides straight into Sanada North High’s Student Council Room. The nervous boys greet her and ask if they could do anything for her. They also wonder if someone’s spreading rumours that they’re good at counselling people. Ringo tells them her friends call her chibi (shorty) and asks them if she really was that short.

They try to assure her otherwise, but she says they’re being considerate and that she can’t trust their opinions. Noticing the Student Council President’s absence, she finds out from them that he’s in the next classroom and decides to head over there. The boys, realizing the danger of this, try to stop her by reassuring her of her normalcy.

Motoharu decides to use a case study and asks her how old she thinks the Vice President is. The boys are stunned when she guesses ‘28’. Ringo herself is stunned when the VP says he is 17, a year younger than her. She makes to leave again, but Motoharu distracts her by asking whether there were more uphill or downhill roads in Japan.

Ten minutes later, she figures it out and leaves the room, annoyed by the question. Karasawa, who has fallen asleep while leaning against the wall, whistles through his nose in a manner resembling a cat’s ‘meow’. This animates Ringo and she tries looking around for a cat excitedly. When she finds out what the source of the sound really is, she punches Karasawa in the gut and leaves in a huff.

In the next room, she runs into the SCP playing Dragon Quest 6. He greets her and she asks him directly if he thought she was small. The VP and Motoharu (looking on from outside) are quite worried, but the SCP replies in an extremely considerate way, saying that she was perfect just the way she was. This relieves the onlookers, but Ringo is quite embarrassed and strikes him sharply across the face, asking him what he meant by that. Motoharu and the VP, now confused, wonder what she wanted him to say.


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