“High School Boys and the Younger Sister’s Troubles” is the 33rd chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 32. The homeroom teacher hides behind a wall, as the boys run past her.

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Tadakuni’s younger sister marches into Sanada North High’s Student Council room, surprising Motoharu and Karasawa who are inside. She tells them she needs their advice, adding that she had been asked out by a boy from her school, but had rejected him for her own reasons. The boys ask what happened next and are stunned when she says he hit her.

The boys react to the news that Tadakuni's sister was hit

The sister continues that she had been called out by the same boy again, so she needed their help. Motoharu is ready to step in, but Karasawa asks her if she knew why she had been hit. She tells him it was because they got into a dispute. The boys tell her that in that case, she needed to sort it out herself. She seems disappointed and somewhat desperate for their assistance, adding that Karasawa was the only one she could ask for help in such a case. However, the boys insist no good could come of their intervention, and she eventually accepts and leaves.

In the evening, Tadakuni’s sister walks to the designated meeting spot. She rues the way things have turned out and feels uncomfortable. She sights the boy and wonders if they’ll end up fighting again, resolving to put up a strong fight if it came to blows. To her surprise, he simply apologizes to her before walking away.

Tadakuni’s sister then reflects that she might have been partially at fault for the dispute, too. She leaves. Karasawa, hiding nearby, walks away as well, glad that nothing bad had happened. He starts upon seeing a masked stranger nearby with sunglasses. The stranger, removing his disguise, turns out to be Motoharu, who also expresses relief.

Motoharu spies a stranger

Motoharu begins to leave, then starts in turn upon seeing a third person with a bag over his head. This turns out to be Hidenori, who also remarks that nothing had gone wrong, and Motoharu asks him if he had been eavesdropping from the start. Hidenori walks off, but he is surprised to see Yoshitake, who doesn’t even have a disguise on. Yoshitake curses his luck that couldn't play the hero, and shuffles off. It is revealed that the girl's brother Tadakuni never got to know about the incident.

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