“High School Boys and the Literary Girl 3” is the 30th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 29. Hidenori walks past a stone lantern, on top of which he has left his whistle. He is smiling to himself.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Hidenori walks down to the riverbank with a book in hand. As he drops his bag and prepares to sit down, he notices the Literary Girl once again behind him. In his mind, he screams in anguish, while her eyes brighten and she smiles widely. He sits down in despair, knowing full well that she’s looking for another borderline fictional encounter.

His despair heightens on seeing the vacant look in her eyes, but being a self-proclaimed ‘entertainer’, he prepares himself for the task of going along with her expectations. However, he ends up saying that the wind is cold and immediately realizing that it lacked any flair. The Literary Girl seems crestfallen.

Hidenori urges himself to calm down and think, but ends up blurting out that there’s a cold front coming. This disappoints the girl even more and he apologises in his head. He then proceeds to blunder it all even more by saying that Siberia’s winds are the coldest.

Seeing the girl’s ashen expression, he apologizes in his mind all the more fervently, when a real idea strikes him. He adopts a grave pose and drops his ‘clincher phrase’: ‘The wind is sparkling’. The Literary Girl now suppresses a laugh, and Hidenori utters a yelp, stunned at his failure.


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