“High School Boys and After School” is the 2nd chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

A still of the main trio, in which they are sprawled on the floor of Tadakuni’s room.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Tadakuni asks the others how one gets a girlfriend. Hidenori immediately suggests a simulation, assigning Yoshitake the role of a girl handling printouts all alone in class. He asks Tadakuni to play along.

Simulation 1Edit

A shy, soft-spoken girl (Yoshitake) is arranging printouts in a classroom after school hours. Tadakuni, approaching her, tells her he needs to lock up. She apologizes, saying that the teacher asked her to finish the task before leaving. Rather awkwardly, he offers to help her, when a newcomer (Hidenori) suddenly barges into the room. The newcomer yells at them to leave, before asking Tadakuni in a strange tone whether he was staying back for some “special lessons”, revealing self to be a female teacher.

Ch2 1

Tadakuni fails to keep up

Tadakuni, unable to deal with her, breaks character, causing Hidenori to snap at him. Yoshitake, fed up, prepares to leave, but Tadakuni asks him to stay. Looking hopelessly at an overwhelmed Tadakuni, the others tell him he needs to step up and stay with the flow. They then decide to retry.

Simulation 2Edit

The serious class rep (Yoshitake) is working in the classroom after hours, when Tadakuni enters and offers to help. He is coldly rejected, then asked if he has any club to attend. He begins to say no, when Hidenori bursts in, complaining that the scene was being altered too much. After a short argument, they agree to start once more.

Simulation 3Edit

This time around, the girl (Yoshitake again) agrees to enlist Tadakuni’s aid. However, Tadakuni then lapses into thought, admitting to himself that he didn’t really want to know how to get a girlfriend, and regretting that it resulted in these simulations. Yoshitake, noticing this, is seen getting ready to attack him, when the newcomer (Hidenori) enters. This time, the newcomer is a shy junior with strong feelings for her senpai, asking Tadakuni to come away with her.

Overwhelmed yet again, Tadakuni breaks character and collapses, causing his friends to give up in disappointment.

Simulation 4 (Continuation of Simulation 2)Edit

Ch2 2

Tadakuni grabs Yoshitake and takes off

Just as Yoshitake prepares to leave, Tadakuni rises to his feet, saying he had forgotten something important. Addressing Yoshitake once again as ‘Class rep’, he grabs his hand and pulls him along in an earnest run (despite Yoshitake’s objections). Hidenori, now energised, shouts words of encouragement as the two finish their ‘run’, panting. Tadakuni then looks ahead and proclaims to the class rep that he just wanted to show her the scenery, while Yoshitake notes to himself the lack of anything scenic.

The boys then congratulate Tadakuni on his performance, calling it moving and agreeing that it would work on a lot of girls. Tadakuni smiles wryly, before burying his face in his hands, remarking that they go to an all-boys school.


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  • The boys are revealed to attend a boys-only school.
  • The cover page of this chapter is adapted into an anime-only short in Episode 3, in which the boys play shiritori (word chain).
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