“High School Boys and Dubbing” is the 28th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 27. Hidenori waves Kiyotaka goodbye whereas Yoshitake glares at him.

Detailed SummaryEdit

The main trio are lounging on a bench when they notice three middle school girls a little way ahead. They wonder which school the girls are from and realise it's the Gowa Middle School. They also wonder why the girls seem to be so pumped up. Tadakuni then suggests they do a voice-over.

Yoshitake and Hidenori make it seem like two of the girls (Y and H) are fighting to the death. Tadakuni takes charge of the third one (T) and steps in to quiet down the others, who are customers in a store. Y and H continue to bicker over the bill and T sends them to the office as punishment. After 'three years', T declares them free to go and they pound some mochi in celebration.

However, the mochi is overturned in the process and H gets some in her eyes. T banishes her and she leaves. The boys declare it ‘The End’, but decide to continue when she returns with juice cans. As Y and T drink the juice, H declares revenge and squeezes Y from behind, causing her to spit out the juice. The boys add ‘And so, the world was saved’.

T then looks at the boys, causing Tadakuni to dub her saying that the trio have been looking at the girls for quite some time now. Yoshitake and Hidenori chime in, saying they’re definitely trying to hit on them and remarking how creepy it is.

The two then appear dejected at the idea and Tadakuni tells them to stop being depressed about something they made up themselves.


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  • Unlike the main trio's usual schemes, here Tadakuni comes up with the central idea.