“High School Boys and the School Festival 4” is the 22nd chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 21. Karasawa has now replaced the Vice President, and is trying to get Ikushima to stop goofing off on her phone.

Detailed SummaryEdit

As part of the festival, East High’s drama club is performing onstage, as Ringo watches with pride. The show wraps up and Karasawa announces that East High’s light music club is up next. Convinced of her school's superiority, Ringo shoots a condescending glance at North High’s Student Council President. As if reading her mind, he tells her to take it easy, startling her. He requests her to leave her pride out of this and just enjoy the festival like everyone else. He then adds that East High was no match for North High, anyway.

Incensed, Ringo gets out of her seat and grabs the SCP by his collar. They immediately become the center of attention of the audience. The VP rushes over in alarm, only to see the SCP openly challenge Ringo to a fight. Ringo immediately lands the first blow, causing the VP to rue that the festival was now tarnished. He is all the more aghast when several students start cheering them on.

Karasawa seizes the initiative and requests the stage performers to provide some background music, while Ringo lands a few more blows on the SCP, who sways as if about to fall. Hidenori and Yoshitake call out desperately from the crowd for him to stay upright, since he’s representing them all. The SCP assures them he'll be alright. On the back of their support, he throws a punch at Ringo, but misses and is put into a choke-hold.

The crowd goes berserk, and the SCP, struggling to escape, defends himself by saying he doesn’t hit girls. Just as the band stops playing, he falls to the ground defeated and a wild roar goes up for Ringo. She feels victorious although not really knowing what she’s won.

Karasawa then declares the end of the battle between the presidents and announces the next event. Ringo is upset that the battle was being treated as part of the schedule, but the VP commends Karasawa’s cleverness.


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