“High School Boys and the School Festival 2” is the 20th chapter of the manga.

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A still of Ringo.

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The joint school festival organised by Sanada North High and Sanada East High is in full swing. Even on this festive occasion, Ringo is unable to keep calm as she is agitated at being bested by the very high school boys she looked down on. As she walks around with her two fellow council members and Sanada North High’s Student Council President, all she can think of is regaining her pride by defeating him in some fashion. Just then, the group arrives at the haunted house, which the SCP proudly shows off to the girls, saying that a lot of effort had gone into it.

This grabs Ringo’s attention, and she gets a somewhat hesitant SCP to agree that if the girls managed to walk through the exhibit without ever raising their voices, it would be their win. Her subordinates, though reluctant, follow her into the house. In the first room, they see Yoshitake, who welcomes them with his eyes covered. Looking down, he requests them to help him pick up his scattered 'belongings', and then looks straight at them with empty, bloodied eye sockets, revealing said belongings to be his eyeballs.

The girls freak out and one of Ringo’s subordinates faints. Running into the next room, the other two find Hidenori standing at a table with his back to them. He apologizes for not being ready, turning around to reveal an open stomach cavity and gruesome organs slipping through. Ringo’s other subordinate faints as well, and she runs away in terror. She then bumps into a monster, a headless body and a ghostly swordsman in turn and somehow escapes, just about managing to keep her voice down.

Spying an exit sign, she runs towards it frantically and peels back a curtain only to find the SCP changing clothes. They both scream at each other in embarrassment. The SCP, surprised to find her there so quickly, tells her she raised her voice so it’s his victory, but is smacked across the face by an anguished Ringo who tells him to die. He yells out an apology.


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