“High School Boys and the Train to School” is the 18th chapter of the manga.

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A still in which Hidenori and Yoshitake are laughing at and annoying Tadakuni.

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On the morning train to school, Hidenori sees a particular girl every day, and spends his trip thinking how to approach her. He’s taken an interest in her, not just because he sees her every day, but because there is a hair growing out of a mole on her neck. He finds it repulsive and wants to point it out to her, but cannot muster such courage. When she walks out of the train, he curses himself for failing for the umpteenth time.

Later, at school, he seeks advice from a student about this issue. The student tells him not to do it for fear of upsetting the girl, even if he strongly feels like doing so, and walks away. Later, yet again on the train behind the girl, he continues to wrest with his desire to tell her about the hair. He considers the consequences of him being labelled a creep by her, but the urge is too strong and he crosses the train car to stand right next to her. At this moment, though, his courage fails him yet again. In his mind, he calls out to Yoshitake to save him, while admitting defeat. He also considers switching trains to avoid this encounter.

Just then, he pauses as he finds something odd. The mole hair is very prominent, but still hasn’t been attended to by the girl. This leads him to believe that perhaps nobody is looking out for her. That perhaps it is proof of her not having many friends. As he thinks this, the girl steps out of the train. She takes a few steps forward on the platform, when a voice calls out ‘Wait!’.

She turns around to find Hidenori, who has joined her on the platform and allowed the train to leave. He thinks to himself that as he is already there and the issue is not his alone, he might as well get it over with regardless of the outcome. He points out the mole hair to her straight away, and she cringes, startled, before covering her neck.

Hidenori stares nervously at her, but is surprised to hear the girl chuckle. This develops into a laugh and she thanks him with a bright smile before leaving. A silent Hidenori is then shown standing on the platform. He thinks that he was foolish to have worried over something so trivial.


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