“High School Boys and the Radio DJ” is the 15th chapter of the manga.

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A still in which Hidenori is seen putting Yoshitake in a choke-hold.

Detailed SummaryEdit

The trio are gathered at Tadakuni’s home as usual. Tadakuni is lying down with a book while the others are seated at a chabudai. Hidenori then announces Hidenori Tabata’s Talking FS, a ‘radio show about teens, by teens, for teens’ hosted by himself. He then introduces his guest, singer-songwriter Yoshi C. Tenryūji (played by Yoshitake). He then begins to ask Yoshi about his recent work, but only gets confused responses like ‘What?’, ‘Whose?’ and ‘Why?’ in return, upon which he gives up and asks him what’s wrong with his character. Moving on, he announces the next segment, in which they read out mail regarding complaints about teenagers (brought to the listeners by Square Enix).

The first mail, from ‘Megalo-don of Kanagawa’, asks why teenagers are rude to their mothers. Hidenori passes the question over to Yoshi, but he spaces out and forgets what it was. Hidenori tries to prompt him, but fumbles his name in the process, which Yoshi himself fumbles as 'Tengenji' while trying to correct him. Yoshi then says that mothers don’t talk to their children much except when asking them to do chores or scolding them, which alienates them. A disappointed Hidenori confesses that he expected to hear a joke about the topic instead.  

Hidenori then moves on to the next question, promising ‘Megalo-don’ a prize. ‘Dorian of Fukuoka’ asks why teenagers always dress sloppily. He once again turns it over to Yoshi, who says there can only be one answer: their mothers buy their clothes too large. Hidenori seems exasperated with the repeated focus on mothers, but Yoshi goes on to say that most teenage boys’ flaws could be attributed to their mothers, seeing as they were part of their mothers to begin with. A confused Hidenori cuts him off and announces the end of the show, apologising to the listeners for Yoshi not being able to get a hold of his character. He promises that the next guest would be a special one.

After a brief silence, Hidenori yells at Tadakuni to say something, but he merely glares at them and gets back to reading. Hidenori then signs off for the week.


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