“High School Boys and Summer Memories” is the 14th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

A still of the main trio playing baseball.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Hidenori, Tadakuni and Yoshitake are seen eating out. Hidenori says that summer break is almost over, so they should try to have fun in the remaining time, and Yoshitake agrees. The next several panels depict the activities the boys get down to. They are seen visiting a fair, having a casual chat, and enjoying a fireworks display. They go bug-watching in the dark with Karasawa, who is the only one unafraid. They also play kick the can with Motoharu and take part in video games and karaoke with each other.

The next panel cuts to Hidenori watching television at home, when the phone rings. It’s Tadakuni on the line, who asks him about their plans tomorrow. Hidenori, musing to himself, checks the calendar when he sees something that makes him stop in his tracks. It’s already the 4th of September, and summer break is long over. He yells in distress.


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