“High School Boys and Summer Plans” is the 11th chapter of the manga.

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A still of the Literary Girl sitting alongside a student from her school.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Hidenori , Yoshitake , Motoharu and another student are at Tadakuni’s house. They are all seated, except for Hidenori, who puts up a blank chart on the wall and reminds them that summer break has already begun. He then wonders out loud why they were all still in their uniforms, but dismisses it, going on to say that all the ‘innocent ones’ were gathered together. All of a sudden, he begins yelling at the others for spending their vacation time with guys, asking them how they could be okay with that. He demands that Tadakuni answer. Tadakuni mutters that spending time with guys is fun, but Hidenori calls it a defeatist response. He further brands the boys ‘criminals’ for failing to get girlfriends, before pausing and saying it was time to discuss their summer plans.

This provokes angry responses from the others, who accuse him of making their hopes plummet and ask him to stop playing the leader. They ask him to call Karasawa instead, so Hidenori phones him and asks him to come over in uniform. When Karasawa shows up, the first thing he comments on is the ignominy of having to spend the vacation with guys, bringing out another round of emotional responses from them.

Just then, Tadakuni’s sister walks by. Hidenori stops her and asks her which one among the boys she would prefer to date, to which she says Karasawa. A gleeful Karasawa compliments her for her ‘great eyes’, while the others express shock at her choice. He then gestures to his lap, asking her to sit there. The infuriated sister marches over to him, saying she had misjudged him, and tries to attack him. Karasawa, in anguish, claims it was only a joke and tries to defend himself, but is easily overpowered.

Amidst the confusion, Hidenori asks the others once more why they were spending their holidays with guys. When they protest again, he asks them where they wanted to go during the summer. Tadakuni says they’re running out of time, and they spontaneously decide on going to the beach.


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