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The manga received a limited revival two years after the last chapter was published. A special chapter was released to commemorate the first volume of the author’s new manga Zai x 10. Taken in order, it is the 108th chapter of the series.

Cover Page[]

A still of Ringo. The text reads "It's been 2 years, but things are still the same".

Detailed Summary[]

Inside Sanada North High, the Student Council members (barring the President) are hard at work. They are described as ‘excellent council members, despite their appearances’. Ringo, appearing out of nowhere, disturbs Motoharu by asking him what he’s writing and then calls his handwriting ugly. The Vice President, mildly irked by the East High council president’s behavior, asks her to stop coming to their room so often and gorging on their snacks.

Ringo starts yelling and the VP apologizes

Ringo instantly unleashes a stream of protests and abuse which makes the VP uneasy, and he takes back his words while apologising. Since her tantrums last quite a while and she also loves snacks, Karasawa gives her some and her attention is completely diverted. However, she finds out that they’ve passed the expiry date, and punches Karasawa in the chest in her rage.

Karasawa kneels, clutching his chest in pain. He tells Motoharu he broke a rib, leaving him astonished. Motoharu informs the others, and he and the VP scold a nervous Ringo about the severity of her actions, since she’s air-headed and they like messing with her. Ringo ends up covering her face and sobbing while apologising. The guys are alarmed, not having meant to make her cry.

Ringo admits it was all a prank

Noticing their expressions, Ringo uncovers her face and tells them coolly that she knew it was a joke, and that the guys were taking it too seriously. The boys, being on the receiving end for the first time, are ashen-faced, with their pride in tatters.


In order of appearance:


  • When struck by Ringo, Karasawa kneels in front of a table. When Motoharu tends to him, his position has changed entirely and there is no table behind him.