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“High School Boys and Extras” is the epilogue to the manga. In the order of presentation, it is the 107th chapter.

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Detailed Summary[]

A cultural festival is taking place at North High. Various students and student groups are seen touring the establishments. One such group consists of Tadakuni’s, Yoshitake’s and Motoharu’s sisters. Another is the High School Girls are Funky trio, with Habara using a crutch for support. Takahiro’s friend is also present.

Yoshitake is walking with a bag in each hand. He walks past Tadakuni, who is conversing with Nago, and Takahiro. As he reaches the interior of a building, Megane is seen in the background. He also walks past Motoharu, the Vice President and Karasawa, who are busy dealing with a bothersome Ringo.

Ringo is being dealt with

Reaching the haunted house exhibit, he hands over the bags to Hidenori and Mitsuo, telling them to take their costumes.

Hidenori thanks him, and the boys hurry on, seeing that a customer is already inside. Putting on a blanket painted with a ghost’s eyes and tongue, Hidenori enters through a curtain behind the customer (who is a girl). He sneaks up behind her and lunges forward, uttering a shriek to scare her. She turns around and he sees that he is face-to-face with Yassan.

Yassan wises up

Inside the sheet, Hidenori silently screams in agony. He backs away from her, sweating nervously. A brief deadlock occurs, with the two eyeing each other. Hidenori tries to calm himself with the thought that she may not have recognized him, followed by a yelp when she clutches at his disguise with a frenzied look on her face, suggesting she realizes it's him.

They struggle for a while as he begs her to stop. Mitsuo watches in confusion from the sidelines as several others, including the Student Council President, run over to assist Hidenori. They shout to Yassan that she isn’t allowed to do that and Hidenori realizes he can use the tumult to swap places with Mitsuo. Just as she pulls off the covering, her eyes closed in effort, Hidenori quickly makes his escape.

Yassan opens her eyes to find Mitsuo lying on the floor, smiling nervously. An uncomfortable silence ensues. One of the students dressed as a headless person then remarks that Yassan must be romantically inclined towards Mitsuo, which she denies agitatedly while blushing. Another student wonders how it could be anything else.


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  • Being the epilogue, the events of this chapter chronologically occur after all the extra chapters of Volume 7. This is borne out by the fact that Habara's leg is injured.
  • This chapter contains almost all the major and minor student characters. It contains the most characters of any chapter by far.