“High School Boys and A Guy” is the 104th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 103. Tadakuni’s younger sister apologizes profusely to the Vice President.

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Hidenori walks down the riverbank and takes a seat. He takes out a book from his bag and reads for a while. Noticing someone behind him, he starts in alarm. This turns out to be Takahiro’s friend, who sits down close to him.

Extremely surprised that it’s a guy, Hidenori is unable to deal with this change in pattern. Turning, he sees that the newcomer is reading a book and minding his own business. However, due to his previous experiences, he can’t help but think what he should say to him. He discards the idea of a romantic line and reviews the scenario as if it is a story.
Ch104 1

An unexpected visitor startles Hidenori

Hidenori concludes that the most likely backstory for ‘two guys on a riverbank at sunset’ would be a fist-fight between friends. He decides his opening line and stands up, but remains standing still in silence. Doubling back, he thinks to himself that he’s being idiotic and that he shouldn’t care about anything so fantastical.

Ch104 2

The boys share a laugh

Having stood up, however, he decides to say something anyway. He ends up blurting out what first came to mind, which was that the wind "seemed restless". Takahiro’s friend gasps and immediately stands up. He responds with "The wind seems to be in tears", shocking Hidenori.

Almost simultaneously, the two of them start chuckling, before keeling over in laughter. As they continue laughing at the absurdity of their conversation, a girl is revealed to be standing at the top of the bank. It is Yassan, who had been watching them all along and is sobbing in distress.


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  • When reacting to Hidenori's opening line, Takahiro's friend strikes exactly the same pose as Yassan did, with one hand behind the head.