“High School Boys and Misunderstandings” is the 103rd chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 102. Ringo wakes up in a shower of books.

Detailed SummaryEdit

The Vice President is walking to school when he spies an empty can on his path. He gives it a kick and it careens off a stone and hitting Tadakuni’s younger sister in the back. He stands still, and after a brief pause, she turns and glares at him fiercely. The VP looks away in guilt. 

She mutters in disgust as he takes his place next to her at a pedestrian crossing. As they wait for the signal, a cicada flies by the VP and crash-lands on to Tadakuni’s sister’s back. She turns and gives him a prolonged, hostile glare, believing it to be another prank. He reacts in alarm and backs away nervously.

He heaves a sigh of relief when she turns back and knocks the bug away with a hand. Not before long, another insect flies past him and thuds into her back. The VP sweats profusely upon witnessing her tense up in fury, before his expression changes to shock. He flings his bag at Tadakuni’s sister and it hits her squarely in the back, causing her to squeal through clenched teeth.

Immediately, she turns around and gives him a sharp kick in the side of the stomach. As she does so, the insect crushed by the VP’s bag falls off and is revealed to be a (now-dead) hornet.


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  • This is the only chapter in which the VP is featured but none of the other council members are.
  • The hornet species that perched on Tadakuni's sister is the Asian Giant Hornet (also featured in Chapter 52). It is known for its dangerous sting and is responsible for 30-40 deaths per yer in Japan.