“High School Boys and Movies” is the 100th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 99. Motoharu clutches his textbook, unable to figure out what’s wrong.

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Hidenori is at a movie hall and Yassan is seated next to him. It looks exactly like they are out on a date. They watch the movie for a while in silence, before he turns and sees her next to him eating a snack. He stares at her in horror. Sweating nervously, he internally wonders in shock as to how he hadn't noticed her all this time. Fortunately, Yassan is engrossed in the movie and her snacks and seems not to have noticed him, either.

Hidenori urgently feels the need to put some distance between them and edges out of his seat silently. He slowly makes his way to the exit. Outside the hall, he has only taken a few steps before Yassan throws open the exit doors, having seen him leave. He runs away in alarm and she is hot on his heels, grinning deliriously.

The chase continues for a while, after which Hidenori slips on a stray banana peel and loses his footing. He falls backwards and Yassan, still running, inadvertently connects her rising knee to the back of his head. Droplets of blood spurt out of his nose and he falls to the floor, knocked out. Yassan, initially shocked, stares at his prone figure nervously.

She bends down and reaches over in an attempt to help him. Just then, Yoshitake walks by, and the two notice each other. Yoshitake is astounded upon witnessing the spectacle and Yassan lets out an embarrassed squeal. Unable to handle it, she escapes, teary-eyed. He stares after her speechlessly.

With blood still on his face, Hidenori groggily comes to and notices Yoshitake. He tells him that he last remembered being in the movie hall and asks if Yoshitake knew why he had collapsed there. Yoshitake, who still has the image of a screaming Yassan in his mind, stares at him in silence. Making up his mind not to get involved, he tells Hidenori he has no idea.


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  • This chapter is marked as the one hundredth chapter celebration. The manga author Yasunobu Yamauchi decided to make a feature for the most well-received story featuring Hidenori and Yassan.