“High School Boys and Traditional Events” is the 10th chapter of the manga.

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A still in which Yoshitake takes a joyride on a trolley, assisted by Hidenori.

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The main trio are leaving school in the evening, and Tadakuni watches Yoshitake try to give Hidenori a piggyback ride. Just then, the student with the cap approaches them, asking them to wait. Addressing him as 'Karasawa', Tadakuni asks him what the matter is. He is told that there is a cleaning campaign being held and that they’ll have to help clean Asahi Street until 5 PM. When they express reluctance, Karasawa tells them it is a traditional event and that they must participate. Hidenori then asks him for the school guide book, leafing through it while saying there were some unnecessary events. He points out an event called the ’70-Hour Fast’ and calls it ridiculous. Karasawa too expresses surprise at such an event existing, and says it isn’t issued by the student council. Hidenori and Tadakuni then head off, saying that they’ll ask the principal what it meant, as the others follow.

In the principal’s office, Hidenori and Tadakuni show him the guide book and ask him the reason the fast has become a tradition. The principal thinks to himself that he’s only been in the job for 3 years and has no clue, but fears telling them this. Instead, he launches into a story set in 1984, when Sanada North High was facing a decline of enrolments. The then principal pleaded to the prefecture for 70 hours without eating, and the school was saved. The boys are in awe at the significance of the event. Karasawa starts going through the guide book.

The principal then tells them that they didn’t have to fast, as long as they paid their respects and protected the school just as was done in ’84. Tadakuni and Hidenori agree in earnest. Just then, Karasawa announces that the school was established only in 1989. This revelation causes the others and the principal to collapse.


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  • The name of the student with the cap is revealed to be Karasawa. It is suggested that he is a member of the Student Council.
  • The name of the main trio's school is revealed to be Sanada North High.
  • The principal of Sanada North High is introduced.