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Chapatsu is a member of Class 2-A at Sanada North High. He is usually seen conversing with Yoshitake, Motoharu and Megane. His real name is unknown and his nickname refers to his dyed brown hair.


Chapatsu is fairly tall, with brown hair and black eyes. He has a distinctive hairstyle, consisting of uneven spikes towards one side of his head. He is seen wearing the North High uniform, sometimes without the coat.


Not much is shown of Chapatsu's personality. He comes off as friendly and likes discussing video games. He is disappointed by the fact that high-schoolers don't play on the NES anymore. Aside from this, he sometimes fails to observe things right in front of him.

In the Series[]

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High School Boys and Female Companions[]

Chapatsu, among others, gathers at the window when Yoshitake yells out that Tadakuni's walking with a girl. Later, he joins Motoharu and co. in surrounding Tadakuni near the school gate.

High School Boys and the New Term[]

Motoharu, Chapatsu and Megane are sitting in class, when Yoshitake walks in. They start discussing what they did over the winter break. Yoshitake says he played video games, but that none of the others would have heard of them. He tells them it was the 'She*lock Holmes' NES game.

To his surprise, the others instantly recognize it. Chapatsu remarks that it was so bad you could win by just hitting 'continue' repeatedly. As they continue the discussion, Chapatsu asks if anyone else had heard of the 'Legend of ****' NES game, and is disappointed when they all say no, exclaiming that the NES was too lonely a console.

Shortly after, the homeroom teacher walks in and they greet her. She says something about not having been able to reach their group in time, before letting them know it was actually still winter break. Saying that school would only open the next day, she runs out laughing. The boys chase her in anger.


  • Chapatsu placed 36th in the character popularity poll, with 222 votes.
  • In his initial appearance in the anime's first episode, he is listed as a minor character ('Student C') and played by Nobuyuki Doi. Subsequently, his seiyū changes to Tōru Sakurai and he is credited as 'Chapatsu'.


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