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The Central High SCP (CHP) is the President of Sanada Central High's Student Council.


The CHP is a petite girl of average height. She has long (almost waist-length) black hair and like many other characters, her eyes are never depicted. She is seen wearing the Central High uniform with a blue sweater (black in the manga).


She comes off as a cheery extrovert in general, even giving North High's Vice President a friendly punch in the gut that he didn't seem to like. On the other hand, she seems to enjoy tormenting her subordinates if she doesn't like them.

In the series[]

High School Boys and Wiring[]

While the North High council members are busy setting up the network in Central High, the Central High SCP enters the room with her vice-president. She praises their good work, then remarking that she couldn't understand how they worked under someone as block-headed as the Student Council President.

North High's VP responds that he had a delinquent past, and the SCP invited him into the Student Council to help rectify his behaviour, so he's naturally indebted to him. The CHP then points to her VP and says that he too used to be wild in the past, which catches him off-guard. He fumbles, but upon her insistence, agrees with her statement.

She then asks him to recollect what she said to him back then. Still trying to compose himself, he stutters that it might have been something along the lines of 'Follow me'. Happy that he's gotten sufficiently embarrassed, she then tells the gathering that it was all a big lie. The Central High VP is initially startled like the others, before grimacing in frustration at being tricked. North High's VP notices his discomfort.

Central High's SCP then bids them farewell and turns to leave, at which the North High VP quickly crouches and tugs at a wire. This makes her trip and fall flat on her face in front of everyone. Amused by this, the Central High VP displays a wide smile.

The aftermath of this is shown on the flap of Volume 4's cover and the cover of Chapter 61. The CHP picks herself up and disentangles herself from the wires. Later, as her VP walks past her, she turns away from him as if in disdain.


Central High VP: The two do not share a harmonious relationship at all, for unknown reasons. She is shown to enjoy embarrassing him in public and he is similarly delighted when she is the victim of embarrassment.

North High SCP: She seems to have a prior acquaintance with the SCP, but doesn't have a very good opinion of him.


  • The Central High SCP placed 39th in the character popularity poll, with 157 votes.
  • She bears a resemblance to Yanagin's Senior, and the two do share the same voice actor. However, they are different characters and occupy different positions in the popularity poll. 
  • The Central High SCP (Volume 4) and the Overly Self-conscious Girl are the only characters to feature on the front and back covers of a volume.


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  2. Episode 9, timestamp 17:25 - The Central High SCP makes her anime debut.