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The Archdemon Punitive Corps is the name given to the group of the ten strongest warriors from grades 1-4 of East Yada Elementary, who banded together to fight the Archdemon.


Around 7 years prior to the current storyline, East Yada Elementary was terrorized by Habara (of the epithet 'Archdemon'), known for her strength and violence. To free the school of this evil, the team was formed, and challenged her to a battle.

The fight took place in an abandoned lot. Despite being outnumbered 10-to-1, the Archdemon was able to inflict heavy damages on the fighters, with all but a couple of them passing out at the end. However, she too ended up fainting and the outcome was declared a draw.

After this event, Habara began to mellow down and her brutal tendencies died away. Regardless, the team continued to monitor her for years afterward.

Known Members[]

  • Yanagin - Being tall for her age and good at karate, she was accepted into the team. Previously, a friend of hers had been badly injured by the Archdemon. It was to avenge him that she asked to join. In the battle, she was knocked out early, and was woken up at the end by Rubber Shooter. Due to her living close to Habara, she was selected to keep watch over her after the battle.
  • Rubber Shooter - Rubber Shooter was already a well-established figure prior to the battle. During the fight, one part of the lower half of his mask was torn off and he was bleeding significantly from the face. However, he was the only one left conscious at the end, and immediately tended to Yanagin.
  • Chemistry Club President - He is revealed to have been a member after meeting Yanagin in high school and discussing the Archdemon's current state with her.



  • The anime shows the fighting styles of the members in more detail than the manga.
    • Yanagin - karate
    • Rubber Shooter - rubber bands
    • Unknown fighter #1 - yo-yo
    • Unknown fighter #2 - kendo sword
    • Unknown fighter #3 - skateboard
    • Unknown fighter #4 - baseball
    • Unknown fighter #5 - football
    • Unknown fighter #6 - water pistol
    • Unknown fighter #7 - cards
    • Unknown fighter #8 - spinning top
  • The Archdemon Punitive Corps placed 79th in the Character Popularity Poll, with 2 votes.